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Integrating Interoperability into EHR systems

Despite many advancements in health information technology, health data interoperability has remained elusive for many healthcare providers, with electronic health record systems keeping data in silos. The difficulty in achieving interoperable health records across medical providers impacts physicians, patients, and public health.

Implementing successful interoperable systems ensures health care specialists are able to provide patients better support through accurate, meaningful, and efficient access to PHI. Interoperability can also make a meaningful difference with reporting and analytics. Information allows us to make better decisions about what users really need and where to invest. Our Augusto team specializes in creating secure solutions for integration, systems, and databases for EHR using HL7 standards.

Not only does Augusto Health IT help your team make a plan and then execute on that plan but we also train and educate your team on product mindset to ultimately make them more effective. To us product mindset means: focusing on value over scope, using any budget to create revenue right away, many iterations to gain feedback and always keeping the vision in mind.

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Well-designed, interoperable health record systems are crucial to accessing real-time patient data and improving care and outcomes. Augusto Health IT specializes in systems integration and secure solutions to implement EHR sharing.

We work with each client to create a custom roadmap for their project; prioritizing experiences, addressing challenges, and providing technical execution.

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“With the appropriate technical resources and project management to keep everything organized, Augusto is our go-to when we need a technical solution or help to figure out a business issue.”

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“Augusto Digital gave us an incredible start as a business by not only delivering on their promise of software but also being extremely thoughtful about the architecture they designed.”

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Quick to Deliver Value

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