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We’ve developed hundreds of products for our clients to help them solve their problems and grow their businesses. Our case studies provide a look into some product development examples so you can see first-hand how our software and apps can change the course of an organization.


As a leading United States-based global medical aesthetic device company, Candela understood the tremendous benefits of improving and modernizing its website, eCommerce platform, and unified authentication system.


As the former pharmacy directors at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, the founders of OrbitalRX experienced firsthand the frustrations and increasing severities of drug shortages.


As a leading health benefit intelligence company, SEMMA Health leveraged Augusto’s UX experience to improve the user flow and modernize the design of its Enroll Guard application.

"Augusto continues to set themselves apart with their ability to deliver. We define the business objective and the current state to the best we know and together we figure out/define the unknowns and iteratively build our future. What continues to impress is their ability to consult/guide us into a sustainable program to deliver incremental digital innovation."

Jeff S | Candela Medical

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