Executing your Vision with Agile Software Development

Utilizing the agile approach, Augusto provides the technical expertise, knowledge and experience to help you execute your healthcare software vision.


Why choose an agile approach?

Agile Software Development relies on adaptive methods and short feedback loops. This incremental approach is flexible, allowing for quick changes based on feedback and obstacles. The ability to respond quickly offers our clients many benefits such as:

  • Delivery of products to stakeholders and customers faster and with less frustration
  • Regular evaluation of requirements, plans, and results
  • Project transparency
  • Adaptive, effective technology that improves care of patients
  • An end product that focuses on user experiences instead of existing processes and tools


Benefiting from Augusto’s Expertise

Augusto Health IT has worked closely with many health companies such as MiHIN, Semma Health, Candela, AC3 and OrbitalRX to solve problems and execute on their vision. Without proper experience, teams implementing agile software development can face many difficulties. Using our unique skill set and experience in project management, software development, and healthcare focused technology, we help clients execute their vision.

We work together with our clients to create a custom roadmap for each project; translating and prioritizing customer and stakeholder experiences, addressing challenges in interoperability, providing technical execution, managing adaptive responses, and coaching your team on using product mindset to execute technology investments.

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Augusto is Set Apart

“With the appropriate technical resources and project management to keep everything organized, Augusto is our go-to when we need a technical solution or help to figure out a business issue.”

Thoughtful Delivery

“Augusto Digital gave us an incredible start as a business by not only delivering on their promise of software but also being extremely thoughtful about the architecture they designed.”

High Performing Teams Around Client Visions

Augusto Is Our Go-To

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Augusto Delivers an Iterative Approach

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Quick to Deliver Value

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