"An App to Safely Bring Employees Back to Work"



Cloudticity is an industry leader in healthcare innovation and technology that is changing the way people interact with healthcare via their HIPAA-compliant cloud solutions and services. Experiencing a large demand for cloud professional services, Cloudticity — a trusted and respected partner of ours—sought out Augusto as an execution-focused partner to assist with project execution and delivery.

Augusto has been partnering closely with Cloudticity to provide cloud engineering and software product development services for various Cloudticity engagements.

Together, we identified an opportunity to create a COVID-19 pre-screen application for Cloudticity’s client NTT Data. The application is designed to equip large companies with staff who are returning to work with an efficient, scalable way to screen their employees—because having an HR staff member at the door with a clipboard simply wouldn’t work.


Safely returning employees to an in-person office

Our engagement began with the intention of providing companies an efficient screening tool that would allow them to safely reopen their offices where necessary.


An application to help with contact tracing

At Augusto, we created an application with the following features:

  • Registration and login

  • Self-health assessment

  • QR code that provides permission to enter based on the user’s answers

  • COVID-19 scheduling if the answers prove it’s needed

  • Integrations with testing labs

  • A dashboard for employers to view the heath statuses of their employees

PROBLEM no. 2:

Safely allowing large groups of people to gather

A couple weeks into our engagement, we identified an opportunity to use this application for large events, such as IndyCar. We shifted our focus to support an integration of the screening application with an internal contact tracing application built by NTTD.


Integrated two applications to help IndyCar track visitors’ health

The integration of these two applications allowed for screening and contact tracing to exist within one application.

NTTD had built an app with contact tracing capabilities. In the IndyCar example, each attendee would complete the self health assessment and receive a related QR code to indicate safety to enter. Using the contact tracing features in the application, the organization—and local health department—would be able to track and monitor any positive COVID-19 cases and notify those who were within proximity of the individual who tested positive.

NTTD continues to implement new features and adapt the existing ones. They’re now building and selling this MVP to other organizations, including Veteran’s Affairs and the State of Texas.

Explore one tangible example of the way NTTD is helping Colorado State University Pueblo students return to campus safely.

At Augusto, we love partnering with cloud-service organizations, like Cloudticity. They provide the managed services, while we jump in to assist with professional services for specific challenges.

We’re proud of our ability to work quickly and adapt to changing processes.

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